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Police Report´s

March 8

15:55 Disturbance

Occurred at Powell Middle School. Males reported to be driving in front of the school using a bullhorn to yell profanities. Officer searched this area and around town but was unable to locate the vehicle or the males.


March 7

13:41 Theft

Occured at Powell Hospital. Report of patient stealing drugs. Kelly Rowe, 45, Powell arrested for misdemeanor larceny.


March 6

00:10 Pedestrian stop

[blabla] Tad Swartz, 20, of Craig, Colorado was arrested for minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage and was transported to jail.

09:38 Weapons offense

[blabla] Report of several boys shooting air guns toward vehicles. Officers located and issued warnings to four juvenile males.

Für Alk kommste also in Knast, wenn du auf Autos schiesst gibts ne Warnung

07:42 Property Damage

[blabla] Vehicle drove through high school football field fence and drove around on the football field, damaging the grass and possibly the sprinkler system. Case remains under  investigation.

March 2

01:50 Attempt to locate

[blabla] Report of intoxicated female running around without a coat. Area searched, female returned home. 

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mehr davon kirk, mehr davon! das ist gut!

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